When buying Health Insurance, make sure you know how the company you are considering handles pre-existing conditions.  There are certain things that you can do to make dealing with pre-existing conditions easier, both at the time you buy coverage and when you go to receive care under your new policy.

#1 – Help the agent help you.  Never hide anything from the insurance professional you are working with.  If you do, there may be confusion about how the policy you are considering covers will respond to your medical concerns.

#2 – Offer details.  When asked about pre-existing conditions, make sure that you supply as many details as possible. Include information on past treatment, providers that you saw during the course of your treatment and your current state of health.  As you can imagine, some preexisting conditions are more serious than others. Obviously, somebody with a history of cancer or stroke is going to be seen differently than somebody with allergies or another less serious condition.

Being open with the agent you are working with will allow him or her to take into consideration your past medical needs and provider relationships, help you anticipate future needs and customize a plan based on the information you provide.

Millions of individuals have to deal with discussing a preexisting condition when shopping for and buying health insurance.  While this may make things more challenging, disclosing your medical concerns will help the agent find the best policy for somebody in your situation.