With today’s technology and communication, it is easy to receive health insurance quotes. And now, with our Safeguard Lifestyle Solutions® coverage summary, it is easier than ever to understand the information that you receive from our professionals.

It is important to remember that the health insurance quote you receive is based on the information you provide.  If you visit a health insurance quote website, it will most likely ask you for your date of birth, your zip code and your gender.  It will also ask who you wish to cover, if you use tobacco or are a student and when you wish the coverage to be effective.  From this information, the computer will produce proposals from multiple carriers, with a wide range of plan designs and costs.

When you work with an Insurance Professional or Insurance Agent, they will need to know the same kind of information, but because the proposal they design is more specifically tailored to you and your needs, they will also ask you for some personal information about your height, weight, medications you take and your health in general.  Having this information, helps the insurance advisor know which carriers, products and designs can work best for you – and construct proposals with your specific needs in mind.  The Insurance Professional can forward you the quotes – just like the website did – but the agent will most likely schedule a time to talk to you further in order to ensure that you have the information you need and want to make an informed decision.

A health insurance quote is going to provide a lot of information. That being said, there are two aspects that you need to concentrate on the most.

#1 – Make sure that you understand the coverage that you are being offered. How much is the deductible? What about coinsurance? Do you get prescription drug coverage? All of this information should be outlined for you. All you have to do is go through it and make sure that you like what you see.

#2 – Make sure what you are considering is affordable.  After all, you need to make sure that you are getting a good deal.

Once you review this information, you will have a better idea of what coverage is right for you and how the cost of the insurance will fit into your monthly bills.